BigCommerce Marketing Agency

Big commerce demands bigger marketing.

You’re not a mom and pop shop anymore – you need to graduate to an agency that specializes in taking you up a notch – or three.

Let’s go beyond chicken nuggets.

There’s nothing wrong with eating chicken nuggets… when you’re 7. There’s also nothing wrong with trying to do all of your marketing on your own – at first. But eventually you branch out to eating better foods, and eventually you branch out to bringing on professionals that can help you put a game plan together for growing your store.

We’ll analyze your website, your ads accounts, and any piece of data you can offer – and use that to figure out what’s broken, what’s working, and what the next steps are for growth. Let’s put together a map of how to use SEO, PPC, Social Media, and more, to grow your sales.

Glynn Reid


“[Elumynt] has put together some impressively impactful, efficient and impact driven Facebook campaigns, based on expert targeting and a great understanding of the online marketing world and Facebook as an advertising platform.

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