Conversion Rate Optimization

Are you doing what your customers want – or just what your CEO wants?

You aren’t converting your trials. Your cart to conversion rate is low. Throw your opinions out of the window and listen to the data of your customers. Run the A/B tests and figure out what converts for your audience.

How do you know what to test?

A lot of website owners decide to test something because they saw it on Amazon or another site they like.  The problem with that, is that you don’t know if it’s a good test or a bad test.  And, since you don’t have the tools in place to measure the lift all the way through the funnel, you’re left scratching your head and hoping the change worked.

There really is a better way.  Let us help you identify which tests you should be running, and put together a strategy for testing them in a high-velocity environment.  We can test, and test, and test – and still tell what’s working, what’s not, and use that to lead to better tests.

Glynn Reid


“[Elumynt] has put together some impressively impactful, efficient and impact driven Facebook campaigns, based on expert targeting and a great understanding of the online marketing world and Facebook as an advertising platform.

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