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We literally wrote the book on migrating from Magento to Shopify. Find out why merchants consistently tell us we are their “secret-sauce” for growth.

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We love Shopify Plus.  Maybe your growth has stalled, or maybe you’re growing so fast you can’t keep up – either way, we’re ready to help.  We can dig into your analytics and help you find opportunities to grow.

Tried Facebook ads but not getting the return you need to be profitable? Maybe your conversion rate is too low to support a high ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).  We specialize in looking at the whole picture to help you figure out a gameplan for growth, from SEO, to PPC, to Email, to Content and beyond.

Glynn Reid


“[Elumynt] has put together some impressively impactful, efficient and impact driven Facebook campaigns, based on expert targeting and a great understanding of the online marketing world and Facebook as an advertising platform.

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