Agape Love

I give to you– a portion of,
My heart, my soul– and all my love.
This written with– three friends in mind,
And given to– three friends of mine,

is a poem I wrote; Agape Love.

The day is o’er– your presence leave,
I blot my tears– upon my sleeve.
I wish that I– could be with you;
Experience– the things your do;

my friends for life– Agape Love.

The next day comes– we talk once more,
I see the friends– I so adore.
We talk and laugh, we sing to God,
We tell the tales, of paths we’ve trod;

my friends for life– Agape Love.

So many things– we’ve yet to see,
But through them all– my friends you’ll be.
I pray you’re by– my side for life.
As I am yours– through joy and strife;

my friends for life– Agape Love.

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William Harris
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