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A constant bridge of communication between a leader and an employee not only reduces inefficiencies but also leads to a healthier and more productive workplace for all.

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The SEO “Food” Pyramid

Understanding the key ingredients to a healthy SEO recipe can be tough.  A lot of factors are at play – and sometimes it feels like there are too many “cooks in the kitchen”.  Maybe your friend used to be an SEO expert and thinks that rapid link building is still the secret to success (since…

google webmaster tools beginners guide to setup

Getting Set Up with Google Webmaster Tools

Total time needed: 30 minutes I have a lot of friends that run their own blogs.  A lot of them do really well.  Having your own blog is such a great thing and comes with a host of benefits.  You can say exactly what you want to say – and find people that enjoy hearing…

Agape Love

I give to you– a portion of, My heart, my soul– and all my love. This written with– three friends in mind, And given to– three friends of mine, is a poem I wrote; Agape Love. The day is o’er– your presence leave, I blot my tears– upon my sleeve. I wish that I– could…

Radioactively Dating

I’m Uranium-234, you’re Uraniam-238, what do you say we get together, and radioactively date?   *Disclaimer:  I am not a physicist.  I wrote this when I was a freshman in high school and I have not verified it for accuracy, but I believe that one form of radioactive dating uses Uranium Isotopes 234 and 238….


Darkness deceives. It tells us that it is tangible. It tells us that it is existence. Darkness is simply the absence of light. God is existence. God is light. Darkness is the absence of God. Darkness is the absence of existence.   (This is poetry, not science)