William Harris

A constant bridge of communication between a leader and an employee not only reduces inefficiencies but also leads to a healthier and more productive workplace for all.

Battle of Souls

You looked at my life; my actions and words, singing chords like birds, adding fifths and thirds. You looked for a reason, provoking my treason to fall into sin for a spell or a season. You tried to seek Will, but the sequel to my story’s already written, marked by glory. And the gory part…

Cincinnati Passion

Struggling every day and night; seems all I want to do is write about the things I feel for you, and everything that we could do. Perhaps someday I’ll let you know, but still, today, I’m average Joe. Yet every time I see those eyes, I feel I’m blessed beyond all guys.  

My Brother

I have a brother, yet he is my friend, and when I see him, my joy does not end. For in him is hope, I can’t comprehend, how he can love me, and hand he extend. To me it does reach, when I am so low, and lifts me above, my fear and my foe….


They aren’t clear cut phases. This raises a question in my mind, “When is the right time for transition?” There’s no automatic transmission on life, we have to manually shift. In a prone and prostrate position, I pray the great physician heal me of my current condition. My mind described as this: lost! I entreat…


How will I know? It’s breaking my heart. I want to tell you, but where do I start? I wish I could hold you, and calm all your fears. If you cried I would kiss, away all your tears. But when are you ready for me to pour out? It’s hard to hold in, I…


A beautiful flower rises from amongst the thorns, and strives for the light and the truth of the Father. The Lord carries the seeds from the flower, to a place we do not know, at a time in which we are not aware. Each individual seed will be planted withal in darkness, but the glory…