William Harris

As the founder and CEO of the rapid-growth ecommerce advertising agency, Elumynt, William Harris has been critical to driving growth for multiple startups in ecommerce and SaaS with 6 recent exits, the largest selling for almost $800M. His contributions have been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Shopify, The Next Web, and many more.


A beautiful flower rises from amongst the thorns, and strives for the light and the truth of the Father. The Lord carries the seeds from the flower, to a place we do not know, at a time in which we are not aware. Each individual seed will be planted withal in darkness, but the glory…

The Rock

No longer tears of pain, but joy, what tactics does my God employ, to rid my heart of loneliness, transformed into a lonely bliss? And Satan’s left, but he will come, he’ll take not all the hearts, but some. Yet I will stand a rock of love, characteristic of above. For God has given me…


I love to love, but I hate the love I love, unless the love I love is the love that He who is Love loves to love, as He lovingly gave me love to love.