William Harris

A constant bridge of communication between a leader and an employee not only reduces inefficiencies but also leads to a healthier and more productive workplace for all.

The Rock

No longer tears of pain, but joy, what tactics does my God employ, to rid my heart of loneliness, transformed into a lonely bliss? And Satan’s left, but he will come, he’ll take not all the hearts, but some. Yet I will stand a rock of love, characteristic of above. For God has given me…

assonance consonance alliteration poem adam and eve original sin

Original Sin: An Example of Alliteration, Assonance and Consonance

“Surely you will not die,” the beast whispered into the ears of Adam’s wife. He then slithered softly and slowly from the shadows. He slid gracefully across the grass into the woman’s sight, suspecting that she soon would see the silliness of the rule and the solid superiority of his own statement. The stillness of…

Research Before You Buy Medical Startup Stocks Davian Letter William Harris

Research Before You Buy – Published Nov. 3rd, 2008 (The Davian Letter)

A popular stock arena for people who are looking at getting into the “cutting edge” technologies of the future, are Biotech Start-ups. The very thing that makes these seductive stocks so tempting is the same thing that causes otherwise intelligent investors to lose a pretty penny. How do you know which biotech company has merit and which one…


I love to love, but I hate the love I love, unless the love I love is the love that He who is Love loves to love, as He lovingly gave me love to love.