Being a Born Entrepreneur Doesn’t Automatically Mean You’re a Born Leader

Being a Born Entrepreneur Doesn’t Automatically Mean You’re a Born Leader

More often than not, we tend to think of entrepreneurship and leadership as synonymous qualities. Entrepreneurs are expected to break new ground, be innovative, start something new. It only stands to reason they would naturally take charge of what they’ve created and lead it. However, it turns out that the required skills of an effective entrepreneur are almost entirely different from the required skills of an effective

What Aristotle Can Teach You About Marketing

Thousands of years ago, a guy named Aristotle had lots of ideas about everything from religion and ethics to medicine and science. He also happened to be a very persuasive speaker — so persuasive that his teachings still shape the way we think about the world today. But what does this all have to do…

hundred hour work-week

How to Work 100 Hours a Week – And NOT Die

I hate work. To some extent, we all do. But I don’t hate my job, and sometimes my passion pushes me to work a lot harder and longer than I usually like to. Other times, circumstances do. In either case, pulling 80- or even 100-hour workweeks sucks beyond description. And while I’m not proud of it…

hire a president for your business

Hire the Right President to Grow Your Economy 900%

Don’t worry – this isn’t a political post.  It has nothing to do with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or the 2016 Presidential Election Fiasco. As you scale your business, the question that inevitably rears its head is, “Am I the right person to be the president of this company?” Sometimes the answer is yes and…

Replatform from Magento to Shopify

Moving from Magento to Shopify Plus: The Complete Guide for Large Retailers

When you’re a large eCommerce store pushing thousands of orders every month – the last thing you want to think about is completely migrating your money-maker to another platform. It’s a lot of work, and you’re pretty sure it will destroy sales – so you put it off. You keep putting it off until eventually,…