Agape Love

I give to you– a portion of, My heart, my soul– and all my love. This written with– three friends in mind, And given to– three friends of mine, is a poem I wrote; Agape Love. The day is o’er– your presence leave, I blot my tears– upon my sleeve. I wish that I– could…

Radioactively Dating

I’m Uranium-234, you’re Uraniam-238, what do you say we get together, and radioactively date?   *Disclaimer:  I am not a physicist.  I wrote this when I was a freshman in high school and I have not verified it for accuracy, but I believe that one form of radioactive dating uses Uranium Isotopes 234 and 238….


Darkness deceives. It tells us that it is tangible. It tells us that it is existence. Darkness is simply the absence of light. God is existence. God is light. Darkness is the absence of God. Darkness is the absence of existence.   (This is poetry, not science)

Battle of Souls

You looked at my life; my actions and words, singing chords like birds, adding fifths and thirds. You looked for a reason, provoking my treason to fall into sin for a spell or a season. You tried to seek Will, but the sequel to my story’s already written, marked by glory. And the gory part…

Cincinnati Passion

Struggling every day and night; seems all I want to do is write about the things I feel for you, and everything that we could do. Perhaps someday I’ll let you know, but still, today, I’m average Joe. Yet every time I see those eyes, I feel I’m blessed beyond all guys.