Darkness deceives. It tells us that it is tangible. It tells us that it is existence. Darkness is simply the absence of light. God is existence. God is light. Darkness is the absence of God. Darkness is the absence of existence.   (This is poetry, not science)

Battle of Souls

You looked at my life; my actions and words, singing chords like birds, adding fifths and thirds. You looked for a reason, provoking my treason to fall into sin for a spell or a season. You tried to seek Will, but the sequel to my story’s already written, marked by glory. And the gory part…

My Brother

I have a brother, yet he is my friend, and when I see him, my joy does not end. For in him is hope, I can’t comprehend, how he can love me, and hand he extend. To me it does reach, when I am so low, and lifts me above, my fear and my foe….


A beautiful flower rises from amongst the thorns, and strives for the light and the truth of the Father. The Lord carries the seeds from the flower, to a place we do not know, at a time in which we are not aware. Each individual seed will be planted withal in darkness, but the glory…

The Rock

No longer tears of pain, but joy, what tactics does my God employ, to rid my heart of loneliness, transformed into a lonely bliss? And Satan’s left, but he will come, he’ll take not all the hearts, but some. Yet I will stand a rock of love, characteristic of above. For God has given me…