My Brother

I have a brother,
yet he is my friend,
and when I see him,
my joy does not end.
For in him is hope,
I can’t comprehend,
how he can love me,
and hand he extend.

To me it does reach,
when I am so low,
and lifts me above,
my fear and my foe.
I look up at him,
he helps me to grow,
I’m trying to be,
just like him you know.

He brought me to see,
his Father, my Dad,
and from afar off,
I saw he was glad.
I too was happy,
that he was not mad.
I cried from faith now,
hard– ironclad.

When I had met him,
he grabbed and hugged me.
I knelt before him
who had set me free.
I told him my sins,
and that I was sorry.
He kissed me and said,
“You need not worry”.

It was amazing,
that grace he had showed,
to finally get rid
of my heavy load.
I looked forever,
on his face which glowed.
I sang forever,
and with him abode.


(I wrote this on my Sophomore year in High School.)

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William Harris
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